Mining Operations at Mount Mica & Orchard Pit Mines, Oxford County, Maine.

Tucson Case
Coromoto Minerals, LLC Case at the 2005 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Coromoto Minerals, LLC presented a case at the 2005 Tucson Gem and Mineral show devoted to material recovered from their work at Mt. Mica, Paris, Oxford County, Maine. With the exception of two fluorapatite pieces, all of the material was recovered in 2004. In addition to the specimens, two plots of data collected by microprobe analysis showed that pocket 28 yielded 4 species of tourmlaine. The work done at the University of New Orleans by Dr. Skip Simmons and Al Falster indentified elbaite, rossmanite, foitite and schorl.  (view the plots)

Mineral dealers Graeber and Himes, exclusive agents for the newly mined Mt. Mica material, presented several cases at Tucson. ( view their cases)

The Specimens:
One the principal pieces was a 17 cm tall elbaite recovered in June of 2004 from pocket 10 (MMP10-04). The crystal sits on a base of cleavelandite (albite) with lepidolite. The crystal possesses at least 5 distinct color zones.  Another important piece is the 22 cm  tall top section of  a 54 cm crystal recovered in December of 2004 from pocket MMP28-04.
17 cm elbaite
Pink Elbaite

17cm elbaite from pocket 10 of 2004
22 cm elbaite from pocket 28 of 2004

MMP28-04 also produced a large elbaite dubbed the 'Cake' or the 'Forest'. The crystal is more than 20 cm wide. Another crystal from the same pocket the ' Pepsi Can' was also displayed.
Large elbaite
Large elbaite from pocket MMP28-04
The Pespi Can elbaite
The 'Pepsi Can'
Gemmy blue to red color zoned  crystals from pockets MMP26-0 and MMP27-04 were in the case. Other blue crystals from MMP22-04 were displayed.
Gemmy blue tourmalines
Blue/red crystals from pocket 25 and 26 or 2004

blue elbaite
Blue elbaite from pocket MMP22-04

Gem green elbaite
Some gem elbaite and cut stones
morganite beryl
Morganite beryl from pocket MMP9-04

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