Mining at the Orchard and GE Quarries
Oxford County, Maine

Coromoto Minerals
The 2000 Season  pockets reviewed.
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Returning in June '00 we immediately found this pocket simply by hoeing back debris at  the bottom of the headwall. Green beryls can be seen encrusted with quartz crystals.

Removing the encrustation at the left, exposed this nice beryl at the base of the pocket.


In this view of the loading process, the productive pocket zone is visible above Doug's head at the right. Each of the dark areas was a beryl producing pocket. Next to the loading pole is beryl pocket that produced the fragments.


This dark pocket produced the beryl on albite specimen. Doug
pried up the floor with his 'pickers' to find it suspended from the floor
above yet another chamber. These pieces were found in this
new cavity.

These are some of the pieces from the lower chamber.
On August 4th while hoeing away debris at the base of the headwall,
Mary exposed this 5" beauty. We rented a carbide saw in an attempt to extract the pocket intact. Unfortunately, the carbide was no match for the feldspar. A diamond blade is now on our shopping list.
Just below the black tar paper can be seen a gray quartz area surrounded by feldspar. This is the roof of a pocket zone that produced many very fine etched beryls. We walked over this feature for days not appreciating its significance. Quartz surrounded by rusty bladed feldspar should not be overlooked.


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