Bertrandite with Blue Apatite and Quartz Crystals on feldspar/albite.

This bertrandite was found at the Orchard Pit late in the 1999 season. It was located under the hanging wall at the eastern end of the pit. The associated mineralization was smoky/black quartz and numerous small vugs with fluorescent brilliant green/yellow autunite. Two feet ahead of this area and again under the hanging wall, an aquamarine pocket was encountered. In general this area was riddled with beryl casts. The dissolved beryls were probably the beryllium source stock for these bertrandites and the acicular phenakites also found. At the right Doug Smith is video taping this zone. At the back a large pocket is beginning to be exposed. Note to the left the dark schist slab that has dropped into the pegmatite but has not be melted. This we believe figures prominently in the pocketing we are now observing.


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